Breastfeeding Is Movement

Allyson Wessells, PT, IBCLC

Many movements are required to coordinate breastfeeding and we check them all! Is baby able to lie on tummy comfortably with head turned in both directions, look upward, stretch arms outward, open jaw widely, extend tongue, elevate tongue, keep lips sealed when sleeping to name a few? Challenge with any of these may limit movement needed for breastfeeding reflexes to effectively work, hindering weight gain, milk supply and development. But they can be quickly remedied when detected and addressed early and often.

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COVID19 In-Home Consultation Safety Protocol

Nurture In-Home Lactation and Physical Therapy Consultations are available with safety protocols in place for both staff and clients. Virtual consultations will continue to be available, allowing families to choose the service that fits their needs. Please reach out with any questions on how we can best serve you!

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How can a Virtual Consult help you?

We understand that telehealth is new to most of us and can seem confusing as to how a Lactation Consult will be able to help you through the screen of your laptop. Here’s a quick look into what our Virtual Consultations entail…

Before your consult with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) we will request you send videos to help give us a better assessment of how baby moves, what baby’s mouth looks like, and how baby is feeding. But don’t worry, you will receive detailed instructions to make preparing for your consult easy peasy.

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COVID-19 & Virtual Lactation Consultations

Hello friends! Let’s chat about the coronavirus…

COVID-19 has not been detected in breastmilk, but antibodies for it have been (human milk is pretty amazing!). Speak to your healthcare provider about breastfeeding if you have been exposed or actively have COVID-19. Continuing to breastfeed or giving baby expressed breastmilk will almost always be the right choice.

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Breastfeeding during cold and flu season

The answer is almost always going to be “Yes, continue to breastfeed and offer breastmilk while you and/or baby are sick.” Human milk is amazing! It is constantly changing to meet baby’s needs, which can be especially helpful during cold and flu season. Your milk produces antibiodies as you and baby are exposed to new germs. Any time you are actively sick you should take safety precautions AND continue giving your baby all the amazing nutrients and antibodies your breastmilk is creating to help protect baby now and throughout their lifetime.

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