So you want to be a Lactation Consultant?

so you want to be a lactation consultant_

We are starting to notice a trend in inquiries about the lactation field here at Nurture Columbus. First of all, we are so excited! We need more great professionals entering this field. We need more diversity, advocacy, and quality care. Second, we know this isn’t an easy field to “break into.” So, please, if it’s your passion, keep knocking on doors, keep studying, and keep persisting!

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Breastfeeding and Working: Maintaining Supply, Connection and Energy

Breastfeeding and Working (2)

It is Labor Day in the United States! What better day to talk about working and breastfeeding? We know many are laboring in various ways at home, at workplaces, on the road, in the air, during the day, through the night and we salute you! And, we know that paid leave laws need to be improved. Until then, and even beyond, we are here to help you figure it all out. Incorporating breastfeeding into busy schedules and lives is not always easy.  With preparation, understanding and support, you CAN do this! Here are some helpful hints on how to maintain Supply, Connection and Energy:

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Meet Allyson!


Rain or shine, we come to you!

I am Allyson, a lactation consultant and physical therapist with Nurture Columbus. What? A physical therapist and a lactation consultant? Why? After working for years as a physical therapist in various settings across the country and seeing the direct impact of sub-optimal nutrition and emotional connection manifest in chronic health crises, I am thankful to be working with new families in their homes. After all, learning is best accomplished in a familiar and comfortable space, and lifelong health is best optimized when a baby has breastfed as much as possible.

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Meet Julie!


Julie Nurture tee
On my way to a consult!

I’m Julie, a Lactation Consultant for Nurture Columbus. If you text or call us you’ll hear back from either myself or Allyson (our other Lactation Consultant and Physical Therapist). There is no middleman, you’ll be talking to a consultant right away! I have worked in many settings and this by far is my favorite: being the one to take your call and hear your concerns directly; meet with you in your home, with your chairs and pillows for feeding; and then provide consistent care through ongoing follow up.

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I’ve scheduled, now what?

Spoiler alert…it doesn’t involve cleaning your house!

What to expect during a visit:

Thank you for scheduling an appointment with one of our talented consultants at Nurture Columbus! We look forward to working with you and joining your village. If you have already completed your intake form – Thank You! If not, please do so prior to your appointment. Completing this form before our visit will allow us more time to focus on you and baby during the consultation.

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