Physical Therapy

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Why Physical Therapy? 

Babies breastfeed to develop and thrive! They are born with reflexes that allow them to actively latch and get the food, comfort and bonding they need. While this makes breastfeeding a foundational milestone for future development, it does not always happen easily. It requires optimal movement and function that are sometimes impaired for various reasons including restricted motion in utero and difficulty with birthing. Thus, many breastfeeding challenges have musculoskeletal and neurodevelopmental origins which an experienced physical therapist can help identify. Underlying causes may present as torticollis or neck/trunk/jaw tightness, tongue tie, developmental delay, neuromuscular dysfunction, plagiocephaly/brachycephaly or head flattening, any of which can create breastfeeding challenges leading to low milk supply, slow weight gain and generally delayed development. We empower families with a plan to engage and bond with baby in ways that facilitate optimal posture, movement and function.

In-home Physical Therapy

Thorough evaluation of baby’s functional abilities including posture, movement, strength and reflexes will be provided. Treatment can include gentle manual therapy or bodywork, therapeutic exercises, and an overall plan for optimizing any detected deficits that may be impairing feeding and development.


Physician referrals welcome but not necessary per Ohio Physical Therapy practice law. A progress note will be sent to your pediatrician within 5 days of initiation of physical therapy care. Payment is due at time of service. While we do not contract directly with insurance at this time for physical therapy services, a receipt will be provided with required coding for you to submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement depending on your plan’s coverage for these services. Please call your insurance carrier to verify your-out of-network coverage.

All fees are HSA/FSA eligible expenses. We accept HSA cards, credit/debit, and check or cash.

Travel outside of Franklin County needs to be approved by Lactation Consultant and will include a flat $50 travel fee.