Preparation for Postpartum & Infant Feeding

The transition into parenthood, while exciting, can also be challenging. This role change involves new responsibilities that can impact an individual’s habits, routines, and day to day activities. Most new parents are so focused on their birth plan that they tend to forget about planning for the fourth trimester (the first twelve weeks after giving birth, and the continued adjustment periods beyond this initial postpartum phase.) Informed preparation and education can help  reduce stress and anxiety, and create a  smoother transition into parenthood.  

Postpartum Planner

Recognizing a gap in preparation for postpartum, I created the postpartum planner. This is a guide that provides education as well as three sections to reflect and plan for changes that will occur postpartum. The first section of the planner covers all areas of well-being, such as physical changes, infant feeding, sleep, nutrition, hormonal changes, mood disorders, and movement. The second section focuses on your support people, identifying who they are and how they can best support you. The final section acknowledges local maternal health professionals in Columbus, Ohio, that contributed to the development of the planner. 

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Initially, this planner is meant to be utilized prenatally, to help formulate infant feeding intentions, recognize support people, and delegate tasks before baby arrives. Postpartum, this planner can be used as a reference to guide parents through challenges they may experience along the way. 

Use of this planner in addition to prenatal visits or classes offered by Nurture Columbus can set you up for a smooth transition into parenthood and help you meet your infant feeding goals. Congratulations and many happy new parent and baby days to you in the months ahead!

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About the author: Megan Gallagher, OTD/S, CBS, is an Occupational Therapy Doctoral student at Cleveland State University completing her Capstone Doctoral Experience with Nurture.

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