Nurture strives to offer quality, in-home lactation services to ALL families. We have made great progress working toward this goal, and are continually working to improve access to IBCLC lactation services. Here are our current options for covered or discounted services with Nurture:

In-network Plans

Medical Mutual

Applies to non-Medicaid plans only. Deductibles/Coinsurance may apply.

OSU/Trustmark Insurance

OSU employee insurance covers 6 lactation visits at 100%. Nurture will submit your claims on your behalf for no out of pocket expenses.

Cigna & VA Veterans Coverage

Nurture partners with The Lactation Network (TLN) for Cigna & VA Veterans insurance coverage. TLN provides 6 lactation visits with 100% coverage. To verify TLN coverage Click Here. Once approved you can schedule your appointment with Nurture and we handle the rest.

Out Of Network Plan Options

(1) Nurture will submit an insurance claim for you, if you provide your insurance information on your intake form. This means you self pay and we submit an insurance claim on your behalf requesting reimbursement. Any funds reimbursed will be sent to you directly from your insurance company.

(2) Use a health savings HSA card to cover the expense of your vists.

(3) Consider requesting Gap Coverage or Network Deficiency. This means your insurance plan will bill an out-of-network provider as an in-network provider. If approved, you would pay Nurture directly as Self Pay, we submit an insurance claim to your company, and they reimburse you directly. We typically bill procedure code s9443 & 99404 and diagnosis code z39.1. Nurture does not submit paperwork or make calls for gap coverage at this time. Page 8 of this document provides a nice script for requesting lactation coverage: National Women’s Law Center Breastfeeding Tool Kit.

Self Pay Rate Discount

Nurture offers a 20% discount for self pay. This rate is listed on our schduling page. Self Pay Rate clients pay in full upon completion of consultation.

Medicaid & WIC Discount

In addition to advocating for lactation coverage, we offer a discounted Medicaid/WIC rate for all of our lactation services. Discounted consultations cannot be submitted to insurance companies for reimbursement.

Insurance information is collected with your intake form after scheduling. A credit card will be required when scheduling and held on file for cancelations. A cancelation fee of $50 is charged for cancelations with less than 24 hours notice.

Thank you for choosing Nurture!