Lactation Consults

It is said that the instinct to breastfeed is natural, but does not always come naturally.

Nurture Columbus can help!


In-Home Consultations with Safety Protocols and Virtual Consultations available to support COVID-19 public health recommendations. BOOK NOW

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Virtual Prenatal or Postpartum Lactation Consultation


A Prenatal Consultation includes a breastfeeding class tailored to your personal needs. A Postpartum Consultation provides video assessment of both mom and baby, as well as a breastfeeding session, pumping, and/or bottle feeding observation. Your Lactation Consultant will develop a care plan with you to help you meet your feeding goals and provide video resources to support your plan. For information on Insurance Coverage and Discounts available for Virtual Consults click here.

**A virtual consultation comes with limitations and does replace the care provided in-person. However, this option can serve a need in situations of a provider having specialized expertise on a topic/problem or when in-person care is not available.

In-Home Prenatal Consultation


A prenatal consult is a great first step toward breastfeeding/chestfeeding! You will receive a personal in-home consultation that includes a physical assessment, development of a personalized care plan for the first hour after baby’s birth through the first few months of baby’s life. We will also provide you with access our pre-recorded “All Things Breastfeeding Workshop” and a cheat sheet of all the basics.

In-Home Lactation Consultation


A postpartum consult is our most popular way to help support the breastfeeding/chestfeeding/pumping parent. Once baby arrives, we will perform an in-home evaluation of the feeding relationship. During this consult, we will also work to resolve any issues that may have arisen. You will receive a personal care plan based on your unique feeding situation. We hope to instill confidence and give you the tools needed for you to reach your feeding goals.

In-Home Follow up Consultation


An in-home postpartum follow-up provides continued care beyond the initial lactation consult. This visit continues the support as the family continues working on their breastfeeding relationship and goals. Follow up visits can also include support on a variety of lactation challenges that may arise, such as support with pumping, returning to work, or weaning.

In-Home Adoption and Inducing Lactation Consultation


An inducing lactation consult is perfect for an adoptive parent, a surrogate parent, a co-nursing parent, or a parent wishing to relactate. During this visit we will explore your options for stimulating a milk supply, as well as bonding with baby at breast/chest. You and your lactation consultant will discuss lactation tools you may benefit from and create a care plan tailored to your specific needs and timeline.

Discounted Consultation


This reduced fee can be applied to any of the above in-home consultations. Must show valid WIC or Medicaid card at time of consultation to receive reduced fee.

Nurture Columbus In-Home Consultation Safety Protocol:

Nurture Columbus Staff

  • Daily monitor temperature and symptoms of self and anyone in household
  • Wear mask and medical grade gloves at all times
  • Sterilize baby scale and staff supplies between visits
  • Limit number of home visits completed each day


  • Check temperature and symptoms of self and anyone in household day of appointment
  • All adults in home wear a mask during consultation
  • Have hand sanitizer out and available for use



Nurture Columbus is In-Network with Anthem BCBS Plans and approved for 100% reimbursement with OSU’s Buckeye Baby Program. Visit this post for more information on insurance coverage.

Travel outside of Franklin County needs to be approved by Lactation Consultant and will include a flat $50 travel fee.

For families with twins or multiples there is a reduced fee of $50.00 per additional infant per consult

All fees are HSA/FSA eligible expenses. We accept HSA cards, credit/debit, and check or cash.

A progress note will be sent to your physicians following initiation of lactation care. Payment is due at the time of service for out of network/self pay and a credit card will held on file for in-network plans to cover co-pays or denied claims. A receipt will be provided with required coding for you to submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement. Please call your insurance carrier to verify your out-of-network coverage. See FAQ for more information.