Lactation Consultants



In-Home Prenatal Consultation

$152 | self pay rate

A prenatal consult is a great first step toward breastfeeding/chestfeeding! You will receive an personalized consultation, including:

  • Maternal assessment
  • Individualized care plan for the first hour after baby’s birth through the first few months of baby’s life
  • Access our pre-recorded “All Things Breastfeeding Workshop”
  • Paper and digital copy of our Breastfeeding Workshop “cheat sheet”
  • Professional answers to all your questions!

In-Home Lactation Consultation

$200 | self pay rate

A postpartum consult is our most popular way to help support the breastfeeding/chestfeeding/pumping parent. This consult includes:

  • In-home evaluation of the feeding relationship
  • Maternal and infant assessment
  • Positioning and latch assistance
  • Pump assistance, and pump flange fitting (if requested)
  • Bottle education (if requested)
  • Personal care plan based on your unique feeding situation
  • Confidence and tools needed for you to reach your feeding goals

In-Home Follow up Consultation

$172 | self pay rate

An in-home postpartum follow-up provides continued care beyond the initial lactation consult. This visit continues the support as the family continues working on their breastfeeding relationship and goals. Follow up visits can also include support on a variety of lactation challenges that may arise, such as:

  • Support with pumping
  • Returning to work
  • Starting solids
  • Weaning

Virtual Prenatal or Postpartum Lactation Consultation

$104 | self pay rate

Virtual versions of all of our appointment types are available by request. These appointments include:

  • Video assessment of both parent and infant
  • Breastfeeding, pumping, and/or bottle feeding observation
  • Care plan and resources to support your feeding goals

**A virtual consultation comes with limitations and does not replace the care provided in-person. However, this option can serve a need in situations of a provider having specialized expertise on a topic/problem or when in-person care is not available.

Inducing Lactation Consultation

$200 | self pay rate
($172 follow up)

An inducing lactation consult is perfect for:

  • Adoptive parent
  • Parent via surrogacy
  • Co-nursing parent
  • Parent wishing to relactate

During this visit we will discuss:

  • Options for stimulating a milk supply
  • Bonding with baby at breast/chest
  • Alternative feeding methods
  • Lactation tools that may be helpful
  • Creating a care plan tailored to your specific needs and timeline

Bottle Feeding & Bottle Refusal

$200 | self pay rate
($172 follow up)

Bottle consults provide individualized support for:

  • Infants exclusively bottle feeding human milk and/or formula
  • Breastfeeding infants refusing to take a bottle
  • Infants experiencing bottle challenges such as leaking, clicking, gagging

Your consultant can assist in optimizing baby’s feeding through:

  • Paced bottle feeding technique
  • Supporting infant development through feeding positions
  • Creating a care plan with amount and frequency for feeding

Nurture In-Home Consultation Safety Protocol:

Nurture Staff

  • Daily monitor temperature and symptoms of self and anyone in household
  • Mask when medically indicated or upon request
  • Clean and sanitize equipment between each appointment
  • Covid Vaccinated


  • Check temperature and symptoms of self and anyone in household day of appointment
  • Mask when medically indicated



Please put any pets outside, in their crate, or in a different room during all in-home consultations.

Nurture is In-Network with Anthem BCBS, Medical Mutual, and United Healthcare Plans (Nurture is not in-network with any Medicaid Plans). Please note that it is client’s responsibility to verify coverage. In-network plans will be billed directly, coinsurance or deductibles may apply. Nurture directly bills Trustmark/OSU with no out of pocket fees for members. Visit this post for more information on insurance coverage.

Nurture rates are the same for all clients. However, actual billed amounts for a client’s visits may vary due to the combination of services provided to the patient during a visit.

Self Pay Rate includes a 20% discount. Clients who are uninsured or members of out-of-network insurance plans (with the exception of out-of-network insurance plans that Nurture offers direct billing) are eligible for the Self Pay Rate Discount.

Travel outside of Nurture’s travel area must be approved and will include a flat $50 travel fee.

All fees are HSA/FSA eligible expenses. We accept HSA cards, credit/debit, and check or cash.

A progress note will be sent to your physicians following initiation of lactation care. Payment is due at the time of service for out of network/self pay and a credit card will be held on file for in-network plans to cover co-pays or denied claims. A superbill is available upon request. If insurance information is provided for out of network plans, Nurture will submit a claim on your behalf requesting reimbursement. Please call your insurance carrier to verify your out-of-network coverage. See FAQ for more information.


Cancellation Policy:  Cancellation less than 24 hours of scheduled appointment time will incur a $50 cancellation fee charged to credit card on file. Exceptions made for illness/Covid symptoms or exposure.