Celebrating World Breastfeeding Week and 1 Year for Nurture Columbus!


Happy World Breastfeeding Week! It is one of our favorite times of the year; a chance to celebrate breastfeeding, pumping, chestfeeding, and any drop of human milk you were able to give to your baby.

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Travel On and Breastfeed

Before having children, we lived lightly and traveled frequently, always eager to get to the next place. Having children naturally changed this, but as we continued to explore and travel across the country to visit family when we could, I was happy to discover how easily breastfeeding fit into the journey. With a sling or carrier to wear baby between car rides and feeding, we moved along at nearly our old pace some days!

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Navigating Insurance and more with Nurture Columbus

Navigating Insurance Coverage with Nurture Columbus (1)

Navigating insurance is confusing! When Allyson and I (Julie) first sat down to create Nurture Columbus, one of our main goals was to figure out insurance coverage and creative ways we could offer quality, in-home lactation services to ALL families. We have made some great progress working toward this goal, and are continually working each week to improve access to IBCLC lactation services. Here are your current options for covered or discounted services with us:

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Thanks for Breastfeeding in Public!

Thank you for breastfeeding in public! (1).png

Some years ago, a parent left “business” cards at a La Leche League meeting I was leading, each simply stating:

“Thank you for nursing in public. You make it easier for other mommies to do the same. You are setting an amazing example!”

These cards sat stacked in a box meeting after meeting. One day, I decided to take several with a thought of passing them on as I saw the opportunity. I put a few in my car, a couple in my wallet, and began quietly handing them out when I saw mothers breastfeeding, whether at a restaurant, airport, or park, among other places. Eventually, I found myself reaching for them often enough that my then four- and nine-year-old daughters caught on and became eager to gift a card to mothers and babies. Their eyes became more skilled than mine at spotting this expression of love and nourishment!

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The Continuum of Breastfeeding Care


I often think about continuums. They are everywhere with many of us falling somewhere in the middle most of the time. There are two breastfeeding continuums that come to mind. First, the desire to breastfeed. For some this is strong and it is going to happen regardless of even the toughest of circumstances in whatever form possible: exclusive breastfeeding, partial breastfeeding, prolonged pumping with some eventual latching, or exclusive pumping, each defining their own success. For others, there is aversion that can be attributable to various life experiences, marketing forces, or simply an indifference to this part of our biology. And then, there are those in between where perhaps many of the 60% of women who report stopping breastfeeding before meeting personal goals find themselves.

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