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Navigating insurance is confusing! When Allyson and I (Julie) first sat down to create Nurture Columbus, one of our main goals was to figure out insurance coverage and creative ways we could offer quality, in-home lactation services to ALL families. We have made some great progress working toward this goal, and are continually working each week to improve access to IBCLC lactation services. Here are your current options for covered or discounted services with Nurture:

  • Nurture is in-network with the following non-Medicaid plans (Coinsurance/deductibles may apply):
    • Anthem BCBS
    • Medical Mutual
    • United Health Care
      • Please note that not all UHC plans cover in-home services and it is up to client to verify coverage (use codes listed below when verifying coverage). If your plan does not cover in-home services, you can pay Nurture’s self pay rate and Nurture can submit your insurance claim requesting reimbursement on your behalf (reimbursement is not guaranteed). 
  • Nurture is approved for out-of-network direct billing for OSU/Trustmark insurance plans with no out of pocket fees for members.
  • For all other out-of-network insurance plans we submit claims for you, if you provide your insurance information on your intake form. This means you self pay us upfront and we submit an insurance claim on your behalf requesting reimbursement. Any funds reimbursed will be sent to you directly from your insurance company. 
  • Self Pay Rate is listed on our website and includes a 20% discount. Self Pay Rate clients pay in full, upfront upon completion of consultation. Clients who are uninsured or members of out-of-network insurance plans (with the exception of out-of-network direct billing) are eligible for the Self Pay Rate Discount.
  • If you have a Medicaid plan or are a WIC recipient, in addition to advocating for lactation coverage, we offer a discounted consultation rate for all of our in-home and virtual consultation services. Discounted consultations cannot be submitted to insurance companies for reimbursement.
  • If you would like to verify insurance coverage prior to your consultation, please call the number on the back of your insurance card to confirm. The following information may help in determining coverage:

Nurture Columbus
Phone: 614-407-4305
Fax: 614-586-9148
EIN: 825063531
Procedure Codes: S9443,99404, 99344, 96156
Diagnosis Codes: Z39.1, O9270, Z34.8 (prenatal)
Location Codes: 12 (in-home), 10 (telehealth)
Allyson Wessells, PT, IBCLC
NPI: 1649661430
IBCLC L-58094
Joanne Erbe, RN, IBCLC
NPI: 1508525692
IBCLC L-64864
Julie Oberholzer, MPH, IBCLC
NPI: 1881943264
IBCLC L-33276
June Myers, IBCLC
NPI: 1861071938
IBCLC L-25810
Lisa Sheer, IBCLC
NPI: 1407436066
IBCLC L-21296

We hope one of these options helps you in accessing the care you deserve. Unsure about insurance definitions? Click here for more information on how premiums, deductibles, copays and coinsurance are defined. We would love the opportunity to support you and your family on your feeding journey!

**This blog post is frequently updated to add up-to-date insurance coverage.

About the author: Julie Oberholzer is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) with Nurture Columbus, in Columbus, Ohio.  With her background in Public Health and Lactation, she enjoys meeting with parents and new babies, helping them on their feeding journey and supporting them as they find their new normal.

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